About us

We’re a passionate team made up of driven, creative, finance experts who love to make things simple for our customers.

Omni was born from the idea that a simple, informative, and straightforward solution was needed for the home loan process.

We’re creating a digital experience that puts the power back in your hands.

Leann Jones


With a broad background in a range of roles across the financial sector, Leann’s practice is cemented in the science of human behaviour. Understanding individuals, teams and leaders has enabled her to support, advise and lead teams through complex digital transformations.

At Omni she’s responsible for ensuring we remain a high performing, effective and efficient team while executing our strategic vision; providing customers with straightforward finance.

Leann is seen as calm and effective and is a leader who’s providing a people and culture lens to everything we do, both internally and with our customers.

While she specialises in digital transformation, we’ve only just been able to pry her away from her paper diary! So it’s no surprise that her best digital hack is her new online calendar helping her to manage work, life and play.

Pete Jones

Chief Executive Officer

This is not Pete’s first time building and leading a business. Previous to Omni he was CEO of a Mutual Bank and he has a history of developing innovating customer experience and processes across home loan lending. He’s also been instrumental in starting new banking channels that are still in play today.

For Pete, it’s not about getting it all done. It’s about getting the right stuff done. He thrives on cutting through bureaucracy to find better ways of doing things that can be considered complex today. Not even a caffeine buzz can overtake that feeling of bringing new, impactful customer experiences to life. Pete wants to be  part of a passionate team that shows us how simple and straightforward products and services can be.

At Omni, Pete’s seen as cross functional, solution focused, outcome driven and collaborative.  

‘Alexa, apply for a home loan for me…’ Pete’s been using voice-controlled personal assistants for ages and loves making notes in bed without opening his eyes. His dream is to one day apply for a home loan in the same way.

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Chris Gray

Chief Customer Officer

Chris’s passion is uncovering what drives human behaviour and how we use technology. He’s been researching since the 90s and has witnessed first hand how the technology landscape has evolved. With a background in psychology plus over 20 years working with digital products, Chris runs a human centred design consultancy, delivering success for some of Australia’s most well-known brands including ANZ, Telstra, ANU, VISA and Xero.

At Omni he’s responsible for delivering simple customer experiences that bring delight to real people. Chris is our enabler of quality solutions, a team player, a pragmatist and he gets things done!

While creating human centred products is at the core of our organisation, Chris’ CX hack is putting his phone by the front door when he gets home and not picking it up again until the next morning. He swears it’s the best way to be present while at home with his family.

Cassy Bezeruk

Chief Marketing Officer

We knew we had to have Cassy on our team. She’s been working in marketing, brand and communications roles for the last 15 years, nine of which have been in financial services. Cassy has a flair for building brands and developing value propositions and marketing strategies that drive business growth.

At Omni, Cass is developing a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs. Her experience in financial services has given her a greater insight into the complexities consumers face when it comes to financial products. For her, it’s important to deliver products that are easy to understand and create experiences that are as simple and friction free as possible.

Cass works with the end game in sight but always with the customer first. She’s open minded, creative and resilient (luckily for us)!

Unlike Leann, Cass has been managing her life online for a long time. Her go-to digital hack is Asana. She uses it to keep her life on track, whether that’s paying bills, booking appointments or remembering birthdays. She lives for that joyful feeling of ticking things off her list.