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ME Bank

For our launch, we are providing the online application process, and we have partnered with ME Bank to provide the home loan product.

ME has the most satisfied home loan customers with a satisfaction rating of 91.4%*.

ME Bank, formerly known as Members Equity Bank Limited, was established in 1999 by Australia’s Industry Super Funds.

It is owned by 26 industry super funds and primarily provides home loans, investments and savings solutions to personal customers.

They are an online bank with no physical branches. ME Bank can give discounted rates to its members through a membership package. All profits go back to the industry super funds.

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During 2021 Omni-Financial look forward to providing our own home loans, with great features and benefits tailor made just for you.

Built to be quick and easy, you’ll be able to spend less time wrangling financial jargon and more time finding (or living in) your dream home..

If you would like to find out more just register via the following link…

86400 (Bank)

It’s time for a new type of bank. One that steps up, does the right thing by its customers and puts them first.

At 86 400, they exist to serve their customers honestly. To give them a smarter, more personalised banking experience. 86 400 will do things in real time, to bring real value to their lives. And they’ll do this every second, of every minute, of every day.

All eighty-six four hundred of them..

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*Roy Morgan’s recent survey shows ME has the most satisfied home loan customers with a satisfaction rating of 91.4%. Read the article