Great rate & Cashback offer

To celebrate the launch of our online home loan application, we have a fantastic offer for our first 50 borrowers.

  • A Bank you know with the highest customer satisfaction levels*
  • Great rates on fully featured products
  • A cashback offer from Omni**
  • Using Omni’s easy to understand platform that saves you time

We’ve combined ME Bank’s great interest rates and #1 highest customer satisfaction levels*, with our own 0.35% cashback offer**, to thank you for applying with Omni during our launch period.

Lets explain the offer a little…

When you take out your home loan with ME Bank through Omni, we’ll give you cashback of 0.35%* of your loan as well as personally monitor your application every step of the way!

So what’s 0.35% in real terms? We don’t blame you for not wanting to work out the math, that’s why you’ve come to us!

Some examples:

$350,000 total loan = $1,225 back in your pocket
$500,000 total loan = $1,750 back in your pocket
$750,000 total loan = $2,625 back in your pocket

So whether you’re a first home buyer or looking to refinance, we’d love you to apply through our online application and take advantage of this great offer.

We also did the sums on how much extra your repayments would be on a $500,000 loan over 30 years with some of the Big4 Banks:

Rate Cashback 5 years 30 years
Omni + ME 3.09% $1,750
Big Bank 1 3.89% $2,500 +$5,471 +$79,515
Big Bank 2 3.92% $4,000 +$4,337 +$81,541
Big Bank 3 4.10% $2,000 +$7,451 +$101,560
Big Bank 4 3.44% $2,000 +$2,529 +$34,337

The numbers speak for themselves!

* Data from Roy Morgan’s survey of 50,000 Australians, including the ten institutions with the highest satisfaction levels among its mortgage holders Read more  
** The ‘0.35% Cashback’ is calculated as 0.35% of the total loan amount minus offset account balance, on loans with a minimum balance of $350,000. The loan amount is based on the settled loan amount less any available credit balance that exceeds $10,000 that is held by the Customer in a linked offset and/or redraw account calculated 6 business days from the loan settlement date. Payments will be made to the borrowers nominated account 2 business days after the receipt of upfront commission from the lender (16 business days of the end of the calendar month during which the Loan was settled).